TurboCAD Community Portal

Welcome to the TurboCAD Community web portal.

You are welcome to view most of the content and hope it will be of interest to the TurboCAD community at large.

  • A Wiki engine to collect and maintain the wealth of collective knowledge out there. A Wiki is an encyclopedia where anybody can view the content.
  • Image galleries to show of artwork created in TurboCAD.
  • Articles that may be of interest.
  • FAQs to address the most often addressed questions.

How to use the menus

On the left hand side you can see the main Menu at the top. Over the years, most of the TurboCAD Help has been loaded onto this site; it's still a work-in-progress. It has a Table of Contents, all the chapters used until Version 17 and a Index. Featured Links has many useful TurboCAD-related sites, including their new On-line Help site.

On the right-side are the Login and a Search feature.

Registration process

Registration has been discontinued.

TurboCAD Support Site

There is an online support option available for TurboCAD users. Users can enter support tickets and track the solutions of their tickets. Most tickets should be resolved in one business day. Visit IMSI Design Software Support Center for more details.