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Designer Deluxe Pro Basic Pro Platinum

Collects and assembles all external resources and entities attached to a drawing, into a common folder or Zip file (with the drawing), for easy distribution. This includes Xrefs, material images, linked images, fonts, and other referenced files.


Once activated you must specify the following:
  • Package type: This can be either a Folder or a Zip file.
  • Include options: You may choose to include or exclude:
    • SHX fonts — a standard for DWG files.
    • True Type Fonts — Standard for Windows files.
    • Textures — Images which are used to create materials.
    • File References — Xrefs and all other referenced files; such as XLSX, DOCX, etc.
  • Package folder: This is the location where the new folder or zip file will be created.
Lastly you may use the Current Drawing tree and specifically select/deselect items that you wish to be packed.

A view showing all the listings

When you click the Save button, a folder or zip file will be created and all files (including the drawing), will be packed. Any duplicates listed, such as the "TCTestPattern.bmp" shown above, will be saved as one file. The drawing used in this example was saved as a Zip file (RedSDK Material test.zip) in the Tests folder. It was then saved as a Folder in the "RedSDK Material test" folder. Shown below are the files saved from the above Current Drawing list.

A view from Windows Explorer

Introduced in V19.

TurboCAD Tools

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