Tools menu

Tools Menu

Spelling: Checks spelling of text.
Spell Options: Customizes features of the spell checker.

UI Themes: Choose between the Themes' or Standard user interface.
Customize: Modifies or creates new toolbars, menus and keyboard shortcuts. See Customize the UI.

Database: Assign data to drawing objects and create reports from the data.
Extract Attributes: Extract Attributes

Measurement: Measures distance, angle, area and location of coordinate points.
Wizards: Creates an organizational chart.
  • Org Chart Wizard: Wizard will lead you through steps to create an Organizational Chart
  • Page Layout Wizard: The wizard will help you set up Paperspace pages with Viewports or Drafting objects.
Trace: Creates a 2D tracing of an inserted picture or of 3D objects.
Architecture: Create walls, roofs and openings.
Brush Styles: Edit hatch patterns and define bitmap and gradient fill patterns.
Print Style Manager: Sets color, line style, and brush of an object when printing
Underlay Manager: Set up Underlay Styles.
TC Surface Simplification
Raster Image: Inserts images into the drawing.

Other available menu items
Create Hatch Patterns: Create pattern hatch using drawing entities.
Drawing Compare: Compare old and new drawings.

Retired from TurboCAD V16
Run MacroRecorder: Macro Recorder
Edit Profile: Edit Profile — Replaced by Profile Styles in V15.
Floor Plan Print Space Maker: Converts Floor Plan drawings into TurboCAD drawings.

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