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Tips and Tricks Videos

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Volume One: Properties
  • Basic:
    How to change the color, line pattern, brush pattern and line weight
    of a rectangle and the font and size of text.

  • Intermediate:
    Using the selection info palette to change the properties of a circle

  • Advanced:
    Setting up styles.

Volume Two: Blocks, Symbols, etc...
  • Basic:
    How to use and create symbols in TurboCAD 15.

  • Intermediate:
    Shows various uses for blocks in TurboCAD

  • Advanced:
    Shows how to insert and edit external references in your drawing.

Other Videos available:
  • Model Space and Paperspace:
    Modelspace is where you do most of your drawing and
    Paperspace is where you prepare for printing.

  • TurboCAD Door Styles:
    A brief overview of door styles in TurboCAD 15.

  • TurboCAD Rotated Box:
    A brief overview of the new rotated box tool in TurboCAD 15.

  • TurboCAD Unbend - Unfold:
    The new Unbend and Unfold tools in TurboCAD 15.

  • TurboCAD Imprint Tool:
    Showing off some of the new features of the Imprint tool along with the
    new Workplane by Face mode.

  • TurboCAD Loft by guidelines:
    Using guidelines with the loft tool in TurboCAD.

  • Muntins:
    New in TurboCAD 17, is the ability to add Muntins
    to door and window styles.

  • Pattern Tools:
    New to TurboCAD Platinum 17 are the pattern tools. These tools allow you
    to place copies of 3d objects in patterns.

  • Improved Rail Sweep:
    New features have been added to the rail sweep tool
    in TurboCAD Professional 17.

  • ACIS Quality:
    This video shows how and why you change the Faceter mode in
    TurboCAD Pro. This video has no sound.

  • Walls and Blocks:
    Available in all version of TurboCAD for windows. Doors and windows can
    be turned into blocks and easily dropped into a wall.

  • Auto Constraints:
    TurboCAD Professional automatic constraint and dimension features.

  • Constraints:
    An overview of Geometric, Dimensional and Pattern Constraints. These
    features are only available in TurboCAD professional.

  • TurboCAD Pro - Compound Profile:
    This video shows an example of using the Compound Profile option with a
    Simple Extrude.

  • Interaction between 2D and 3D tools:
    This video displays the interaction between basic 2D and 3D tools.

  • Meet 2 Lines:
    This video goes over some of the advantages of the meet 2 lines tool.

  • Snapping to objects on different workplanes:
    This video goes over snapping to objects that are on different workplanes,
    while maintaining the current workplane.


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