Symbols vs. Blocks

Symbols vs. Blocks

The use of symbols and blocks in TurboCAD can improve the performance and reduce the file size of a resulting TurboCAD file. For a test I took the following image and created a number of copies of the same object. In the first test, I created 50 copies using the rubber stamp feature. In the second example, I created a block from the object and created 50 instances of the object and in the last example I created a symbol from the object and created 50 instances of the symbol.

No of Objects File Size Comment
1 19k Original Entity
20 25k 20 Copies of original entity using rubber stamp
2022k20 copies using a block
20 25k20 Copies using symbols
5030k50 Copies of original entities
5022k50 Copies using blocks
5030k50 copies using symbols

When you create a rubber stamp of an object, TurboCAD creates copies of all the entities in that object and it allocates memory for all those entities. The memory requirements is related to the complexity of the objects.

When you create a block, and add multiple entities of the block to your drawing, TurboCAD allocates the memory for the object and then stores references to the object for all the instances you create. Blocks are only available to the current drawing (unless you import them).

Symbols are available to multiple drawings but they are essentially independent drawings on their own and each time you use them, TurboCAD allocates memory for it.

In 3D the results are even more noticeable.

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