TurboCAD Professional SDK Information


TurboCAD Professional ships with a Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is installed when you select the full installation of the application. To develop applications using the SDK, please refer to the SDK License Agreement.

The TurboCAD SDK offers you a wide range of development choices to develop CAD and general-purpose graphics solutions. The SDK offers you the ability to exploit the 2D and 3D capabilities of TurboCAD through a simple programming interface, whether you're an individual TurboCAD user who wants to automate specific tasks within TurboCAD, or a developer who wants to build and sell third-party plug-ins.

You can program macros with the TurboCAD SDK using Visual Basic Script, or create plug-ins with any other popular software development package that supports Microsoft's COM (Common Object Model) programming interfaces.

The SDK provides direct, object-oriented access to over 50 different objects that allow you to manipulate drawings and their contents, extract data and rendered bitmaps, and integrate CAD data with other systems. This overview will give you a brief idea of some of the ways you can use the SDK, as well as where to turn for more information.

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