RedSDK Ambient Luminance

RedSDK Ambient Light Luminance

About Ambient Light

An ambient light adds a constant overall light source which affects the whole scene, the ambient light is generally used in conjunction with other lights, and can be used to eliminate black areas, If Overdone, Ambient will ‘wash out’ a render, it is advisable to use it for subtle changes in lighting

Below left is some background illumination ready for the main lights, below right is too washed out through having settings too high.

Image Image



  • Activated turns the light on (ticked) or off (unticked)
  • Diffuse color – Sets the diffuse colour of the light.
  • Diffuse affect – Sets the relative intensity (power) of the diffused light.

These Diffuse parameters are effectively interlinked and are used together, On many occasions the diffuse affect can be set to 1 or two, and the diffuse colour left at greyscale (black to white) set towards the black (left) end of the scale.

In the images below left has a single beam light, the image on the right has a bean light + added ambient set to Diffuse affect = 3, allowing one to make out the electric cord and take the edge off the blackness.

Image Image

In the last picture, again with a beam + Ambient, however the diffuse colour was set to a brown, adding colour to lights would only normally be done for a specific effect.

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