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Native Draw

Icon: Image (user created 16×16 icon)…… Image
Menu: Options / Native Draw…
Hotkey: n/a
Alias: redway
Opens the Native Draw Property sheet.

Designer Deluxe Pro Basic Pro Platinum

The Native Draw dialog allows you to specify which 2D display/drawing engine will be used. you can select between standard GDI and RedSDK. GDI uses standard Windows CPU based drawing technology and CPU based OpenGL hardware acceleration. RedSDK is an OpenGL accelerated drawing engine that can substantially accelerate the speed at which 2D entities are drawn.

NOTE: As of TurboCAD 2015, Native Draw is available in Deluxe.

TurboCAD 2017 dialog

GDI Options:
  • Flicker Free Draw: When this option is turned on the redrawing of entities is made smoother, however this can marginally slow down zooming and panning of drawings.

RedSDK Options:
  • Anti-Aliasing:
    • Hardware: Creates an anti-aliasing effect on 2D graphic elements. The values available are: Off, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x. Turning on will make the display smoother, but lowers the performance.
    • Text smoothing: Turning this on will make the display of text smoother, but lowers the performance.
    • Engine:
      • Wireframe: Sets the engine anti-aliasing in Wireframe mode. The default is 1. Above that, the drawing becomes ‘washed out’, as everything become finer/thinner.
      • Hidden Lines: Sets the engine anti-aliasing in RedSDK Hidden Line mode. The default is 2.
      • Draft: Sets the engine anti-aliasing in RedSDK Draft mode. The default is 2.

  • Regeneration:
    • Regeneration mode: To optimize performance, RedSDK will delay regeneration of some drawn elements during movement such as panning or zooming. You can specify that regeneration be Manual, or Automatic. If set to Manual, all delayed elements will not be regenerated until you press F5 or select Regen or Redraw from the menu. The Advanced settings for Regeneration allow you to specify which items are optimized and which are not.

    • Image cache after: Specifies the size (in MB) after which rendered images will be cached.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Display FPS: If this option is on, a display appears in the upper right corner of the drawing space. This display tracks the Frame Per Second to indicate the speed of the RedSDK drawing engine.
    • Caching of the model space: Store the contents of the model space in cache to optimize presentation.
    • Delay Surface load: Delays the loading of surfaces and objects until rendering to optimize memory usage.
    • Show normals: When this option is ON, it causes Normals to be displayed on all 3D Solid and Surface objects. This could make your objects look like they need a shave.
    • Double Precision: When checked, all of the numerical values are now stored in double precision. This creates greater precision and accuracy. This for those people who want to literally create their drawing objects "miles" from 0,0,0. The farther from home you get, the worse the entities appear, unless this option is checked.
    • Vertical Synchronization: Makes the display look better while moving, however, it may require higher memory usage.
    • Disable GDI/RedSDK quick switching (recommended): When checked, the program will be forced to restart when switching between RedSDK and GDI (either direction). This is the recommended setting. If unchecked, you can switch without restarting, but minor display problems, etc. have occurred when doing so. See Native Draw Switching.
    • Show Video System Info: Pressing this button will display the current video card setup on your computer. If your current driver for the video card is not the optimal driver for RedSDK you will be prompted to download the correct driver via a link within the window.


RedSDK is dependent upon video cards which support OpenGL acceleration, and the features of that card. If you do not have an OpenGL video card you will not be able to use RedSDK.

Switching between GDI mode and RedSDK will require a restart of TurboCAD.

RedSDK conflicts with Aero support for Windows Vista and Window 7. If you switch to RedSDK, you will be prompted to allow TurboCAD to turn Aero off.

RedSDK also conflicts with GDI's native support for OpenGL hardware acceleration. If you switch to RedSDK, you will be prompted to allow TurboCAD to turn native OpenGL hardware acceleration off.

With RedSDK turned on, the Camera Properties "Renderable objects" is always disabled, while "Suppress Hidden Line" is always enabled for all pages except the Wireframe page in Camera Properties Dialog.




Earlier version dialog

V17 dialog

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