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Links to outside resources; many free, some requiring a fee.

In the following tables the the items have been abbreviated with the keys:
  • Textures — T
  • Images or Pictures — I
  • 3D models — 3D
  • Symbols — S
  • Blocks — B
  • 2D Plans — P
  • Applications — A
Name Site Items Free / Pay
3D Bar — 3D models & scenes 3dBar(external link) 3D, Free
3D Cafe — various 3D models & textures 3D_Cafe(external link) T, 3D, Free
3D Content Central — 2D and 3D CAD models 3dcontentcentral(external link) 3D, P Free reg
3D Total — collection of Textures, Models in 3D Max 3D_Total(external link) T, Free
3D Valley — another good 3D models & texture site 3D_Valley(external link) T, 3D, Free & Pay
3D Warehouse — lots of 2D and 3D sketchup models 3D warehouse(external link) 2D, 3D, Free & Pay
Absolute Textures Absolute(external link) T, Free
Acme Masonary Designer — Standalone brick texture building program. Acme Brick(external link) A Free
Architextur Europe — high quality textures. link) T Pay
Dosch Design — high quality textures. Mostly pay a few free. Dosch(external link) T, 3D Mostly Pay
Eos Development — Seamless background textures Eos clip art(external link) T Free
Geoff's TC resources — wood material from a TC user Geoff's materials(external link) T Free
Good textures — Free Textures - requires registration Goodtextures(external link) T Free
Hobbit House — Wood veneer pictures HobbitHouse(external link) T Free
Image After — images and textures Image_After(external link) T, I, Free
Klicker — some 3D models, inc. plants Klicher(external link) 3D, Free
Lemog — an excellent site for Textures Lemog(external link) T, Free
Mayang — standard & unusual colourful textures Mayang(external link) T, Free
McMaster-Carr — CAD drawings and 3D models McMaster-Carr(external link) P, 3D Free
Planit3D — 3D models and Textures Planit3D(external link) T, 3D, Free & Pay
SketchUp Texture — Free seamless textures for 3D CG artists SketchUp Texture Club(external link) T, Free
Suurland — 2D Blueprint site - variety of prints Suurland(external link) P, Free
Texturebits — Royalty free textures Texturebits(external link) T Free
The — 2D blueprint site - cars, trains, ships etc. The Blueprints(external link) P Free
Thomas Register — has manufacturers Cad drawings & Blocks Thomas(external link) S, B, Free
TraceParts CAD Library — CAD drawings in various formats; including TurboCAD TraceParts(external link) P, 3D Free
Turbosquid Textures — Texture Database and 3d models. Turbosquid(external link) T, 3D Mostly pay
Wire case — 3D models - turbosquid 3d marketplace Wirecase(external link) 3D Pay
Wood Workshop — free seamless wood texture editor. Spiralgraphics(external link) A Free
xoio-air textures — free textures and 2D people Xoio-air(external link) T Free
Yepsketch — free textures and 3D Yepsketch(external link) T, 3D Free
Zooboing — free textures - requires original author credit Zooboing(external link) T Free

NOTE: Bad links or links considered to be inappropriate will be removed.
Always read the terms, some may require you identify the source of the image or some may have restrictions.

Also see some free textures in the image gallery on this community site.

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