New Popup Toolbar

Icon: Image Image
Menu: New Popup / New Popup Toolbar
Hotkey: n/a
Alias: n/a
Use to create a flyout toolbar.

Designer Deluxe Pro Basic Pro Platinum

Use this command to create a flyout or popup toolbar within an existing toolbar.

  1. On the Commands page of the Customize dialog, go to the Category, New Popup (bottom of the list).
  2. Drag out the New Popup Toolbar command to an existing toolbar and place it where you want the flyout to be.
  3. When you click on the icon, an empty field will appear below or to the side. This is where you drop commands that you want in this popup.
  4. An I-beam will indicate where the tool will be placed. The tool that is first in the list will be the one that appears when the program starts.
  • A finished popup toolbar.
    NOTE: To remove a command, drag-n-drop it back in the Customize dialog. To remove the whole flyout, drag the command residing on the toolbar back to the Customize dialog.

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