create a custom menu

New Popup Menu

Icon: n/a
Command: New Popup / New Popup Menu
Hotkey: n/a
Alias: n/a
Use to create a Menu.

Designer Deluxe Pro Basic Pro Platinum

Use this command to create a new main Menu heading or a sub-menu.

  1. On the Commands page of the Customize dialog, go to the Category, New Popup (bottom of the list).
  2. Drag out a New Popup Menu command to the main Menu or place it among the sub-menu's. When an I-beam is visible between menu heading, release the cursor.
  3. A new menu called New Popup Menu will appear in the main menu…
    …or in a sub-menu. A field will appear underneath or to the right; this is where the commands will placed.
  4. Right-click on the New Popup Menu name to change it in a Local Menu.
    NOTE: Placing an ampersand, &, in front of a letter in the menu name will make that letter an accelerator key or hotkey.
    Use Begin a Group to place a Separator line above the selected sub-menu.


On the Commands page, under most of the main Categories, there are sub-categories listed in the right-hand column with arrows. These sub-categories can be dragged to a menu, bringing along all their tools/commands.

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