Chapter 3 - creating and saving Views

Manipulating the 2D Display

This section covers ways to obtain the desired view of your model, and how to save views for future use.


The view is the area of the drawing space that appears on your screen. As your drawing becomes larger and more complex, it's important to find views that let you work at the right location in your drawing, at an appropriate level of detail. ………

Saving Views

Once you have used the zoom and pan tools to arrive at the exact view of your drawing that you want, you won't want to repeat all that work to get back to the same view later. You can save views and assign them names so that you can easily return to a saved view at any time. ………

3D View Manipulation

In 3D there are many ways you can change your view. The easiest way is to use one of the standard views - top, bottom, isometric, etc. ………

TurboCAD Tools

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