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The following links contain LightWorks Developers documentation with TurboCAD dialogs. Dialogs found in Version 16 (and later) are shown in most cases. See the LightWorks Editor page or the LightWorks Editor 2012 page about the various features of the dialogs.
See also: LightWorks Reference for an alphabetical listing of this same info.
LightWorks Palettes for general information on the V19 LightWorks palettes.

The page layout of the following links show a Description, which is from the Developers documentation. Below that (under a horizontal line) will be the EndUser documentation, shown in a • Bullet list. It was thought to be worthwhile to keep both formats, since some of the info in the Description section is not shown in the EndUser section.

Table of Contents

Foreground Background Tone Global Environment
None None None None
Depth cue Mixed Brighten up Cube
Fog Clouds Perceptual Fixed cube
Fog light Environment Polynomial Approximation Cross
Ground fog Graduated Scale Fixed cross
Scaled Image Graduated three color White Balance Panorama
Scattering medium Horizon Light probe
Snow Image Sphere
Lighting environment
Ray Cube
Scaled Image
Two Planes

None Distant Point Spot
Ambient Environment Projector Sun
Area Eye Simple environment Real Time Ambient Occlusion
Area goniometric Goniometric Simple sky
Area sky Line Goniometric Sky

Render Style
Render Global Illumination Tone Post Process
Render Controller GI Controller Auto and Brighten Up Post Process Controller
Cartoon Ambient Occlusion Tone Map Controller Depth of Field
Color Wash Bounce and Gather Ffaa Propagator
Contour Flares 3D
Final Gather Lens Flares
Hand Drawn Linear Scale
Ink Print
Lines and Color Fill
Lines and Shadow
Oil Painting
Progressive Ray Traced
Ray Traced
Real Time Shaded
Rough Pencil
Scan Line
Simple Shaded
Soft Pencil

Pattern Reflectance Transparency Texture Wrapping
Base Base None None None
Plain Matte Base Blue marble Layout
Blue marble Blurred conductor Plain Casting ST Layout
Chrome Blurred dielectric Plain coverage Color Displacement Spherical
Color blend Blurred glass Eroded Cubes Cylindrical
Cubes Blurred mirror Glow Granite Auto axis
Decal Car Paint New in V19 Wrapped checker Leather Local auto axis
Draft angle evaluation Constant Wrapped image Link to color Auto plane
Fleck Conductor Wrapped grid Marble X plane
Granite Chrome 2D Wrapped mask Paving Y plane
Layered Decal Wrapped square Rough Z plane
Marble Dielectric X-ray Simple wood Arbitrary plane
Paving Environment Solid clouds UV
Simple wood Eye light plastic Solid polka
Solid clouds Glass Turbulent
Solid polka Glossy dielectric Wrapped brick
Surface evaluation Glossy glass Wrapped brick bonds
Turbulent Glossy metal Wrapped bump map
Wrapped brick Glossy mirror Wrapped checker
Wrapped checker Lit appearance Wrapped diagonal
Wrapped diagonal Metal Wrapped dimple
Wrapped grid Mirror Wrapped grid
Wrapped brick bonds Multilayer paint Wrapped height map
Wrapped brick formation Phong Wrapped knurl
Wrapped textured brick Plastic Wrapped leather
Wrapped image Radiosity stepped false Wrapped polka
Wrapped paint splat Shadow catcher Wrapped roof shingles
Wrapped polka Translucency Wrapped roof tiles
Wrapped random image Translucent plastic Wrapped rough
Wrapped roof tiles Wrapped anisotropic Wrapped S stripe
Wrapped S stripe Wrapped circular anisotropic Wrapped T stripe
Wrapped T stripe Wrapped mirror map Wrapped textured brick
Wrapped filtered image Wrapped specular map Wrapped tread plate
Birch Wrapped woven anisotropic Birch
Cherry Cherry
Maple Maple
Oak Oak
Pine Pine
Wood Wood
Wrapped birch floor Wrapped birch floor
Wrapped cherry floor Wrapped cherry floor
Wrapped maple floor Wrapped maple floor
Wrapped oak floor Wrapped oak floor
Wrapped pine floor Wrapped pine floor
Wrapped wood floor Wrapped wood floor

Environment - ForegroundLight scattering retired in V16
Material - PatternTreemask retired in V16
Material - ReflectanceRadiosity retired in V16
Render StyleReal Time Shaded and Vectorretired in V18
Render StyleReal Time Vectorretired in V18

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