AutoCAD Trim

LTE Trim

Icon: Image Image
Menu: Modify / Trim
Hotkey: n/a
Alias: trim, tr
Trim objects.

Designer Deluxe Pro Basic Pro Platinum

Introduced in V18.
Added to the Professional editions in Version 20.

Trims 2D objects to meet the edges of other 2D objects. Also works with 3D polylines and curves, though not so well off the World Workplane.

  1. Activate the Trim tool.
  2. Select a cutting edge or edges. Hold the Shift key to deselect objects.
    • You can also drag a selection window around all the objects to be used.

  3. Click on the Finish icon or use the Enter key.
  4. Select each object you want to Trim.
  • In this example there are several active trim lines crossing some walls.
  • Click on the walls between the trim lines to remove those segments.
  • The results with the trim lines removed.
Use Cancel (Esc) to exit the tool or choose a new tool. Cancel will return you to the last 2D drawing tool used. The Selection tool is not available through the Spacebar hotkey while this tool is active. To start another Trim process, activate the Multiple option in the Local Menu or Inspector Bar, then use the Enter key.
The Object Trim tool would use the Esc key to start a new Object Trim operation.

Trimming Multiple objects between lines:
  • Activate the LTE Trim tool.
  • Pick Select All (Ctrl+A) from the Local Menu, then click on Finish selection (Enter).
  • Click-n-drag a selection window over the items to be trimmed.
  • All the selected items should be removed at the same time.

Local Menu Options
  • Operation by line: Creates a temporary line to trim to. Use when no object is available.
  • Select All: Select all 2D objects in the drawing.
  • Finish Selection: Finishes the selection process.
  • Multiple: When active, the Trim tool can be reused. After completing a Trim operation, hit the Enter key. All the objects will become available again for selecting.
  1. To use the Operation by line, select it from the Local Menu or Inspector Bar.
  2. Establish the two points of the trim line.
  3. Select the object(s) you want to trim.

See Object Trim for the original TurboCAD Trim tool.

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