various architectural tools

Architectural tools

Architecture Tools

TurboCAD provides specialized parametric tools for architectural drawings, allowing
you to quickly create and edit walls, openings for windows and doors, parametric
windows, doors, roofs, slabs and more. You can display the Architecture toolbar by
right-clicking in any toolbar area and selecting Architecture.

These tools are also available on the fly-out toolbar from the Drawing Tools.

Image Wall: Insert a wall.
Image Wall dimension: Specialized architectural dimensioning tool for walls.
Image Wall Modifier: Change the height of a wall with a line/polyline. Discontinued in V17
Image Add Bottom Wall Modifier: Bottom Wall Modifier
Image Add Top Wall Modifier: Top Wall Modifier
Image Add Roof Wall Modifier: Roof Wall Modifier
Image Wall Split: Split a wall into two separate walls.
Image Wall Join: Join split walls into one wall.
Image Convert To Wall: Convert single-line objects into a wall.
Image Opening: Insert opening.
Image Edit Opening Modifier: Edit opening modifier.
Image Edit Profile: Edit profile. Replaced by Profile Styles in V15.
Image Door: Parametric Door.
Image Window: Parametric Window.
Image Straight Stair: Insert a straight stair.
Image Multi Landing Stair: Insert a multilanding stair.
Image U-Shaped Stair: Insert a U-shaped stair.
Image Spiral Stair: Insert a spiral stair.
Image Railing: Insert a railing.
Image Edit Boundary Profile: Edit profile.
Image Edit Hole Profile: Edit profile.
Image Add Slab by Click: Slab
ImageConvert to Slab: Slab
Image Add Hole: Slab
Image Delete Hole: Slab
Image Roof: Add a roof.
Image Edit Slope Angle: Change the slope of individual roof faces.
Image Add Roof by Walls: Make a roof.
Image Vertical: Section/Elevation
Image Horizontal: Section/Elevation
Image Section Line: Section/Elevation
Image Add Terrain:
Image Add Terrain Modifier:
Image Import Terrain:
Image Terrain from Selected Points: Create terrain from selected points.
Image Schedule: Insert a schedule.
Image Add Object to Schedule: Schedule modifier.
Image Remove Object from Schedule: Schedule modifier.
Image Fill Schedule Wizard: Fill schedule wizard.
Image Circle Mark: Insert circle mark.
Image Square Mark: Insert square mark.
Image Diamond Mark: Insert diamond mark.
Image Hexagon Mark: Insert hexagon mark.

TurboCAD Tools

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